Gyro Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a medical to fly these?

No, for sport pilot privileges you only need a drivers license.  The main restriction to using a sport pilot license is you can not fly at night.

Is it hard to learn to fly?

Actually, most students are ready to solo in under 15 hours of instruction.  I have seen some signed off in as little as 8

Will the training be at set times in a group?

No, all training is one on one, and the schedule will be set based on your availability

Will I be able to fly in high winds, or do we need calm days?

Actually gyro's love the wind, taking off in 15-20 knot crosswinds are very easy

I have heard that gyros are dangerous is that true?

Well, that depends one which one you are flying.  The 1st generation gyros were dangerous due to the original designs and the lack of any formal training.  The new european designs along with the formal training being offered by FAA certified flight instructors actually makes them safer than either fixed wings or helicopters

How can they be safer than a fixed wing airplane?

Unlike a fixed wing a gyro cannot stall. On your first flight you will expierience the gyro going to 0 airspeed while maintaining total control.  Additionally, they can not go into a spin.  Also, in the unlikely event of a forced landing you will learn to land one inside of 30 feet. 

How about helicopters?

A gyro does not use an engine to power the rotor, once you begin your take of roll, up until you land, the rotors are powered by the wind.  A helicopters rotors are powered by the engine and must transition to a autorotation state in the event of engine failure, the gyro is always in a state of autorotation.

Is it only for use around the airport or can I travel with it?

These autogyros can travel at over 100 mph, and have enough fuel for 3 hours, so cross country is not a problem.  In fact several have travelled from the east to west coast, and one recently went around the world.  So, if you just want to go out to the airport and play for a couple hours, or travel across state lines, these gyros are up to it.


I have heard about pilot induced ocsilation PIO, and pilot push over PPO being a problem with gyros

The new european designed gyros have a large horizontal stabilizer, center line thrust and a heavily loaded rotor system which has virtually eliminated those problems.


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