Benefits of an AutoGyro over a fixed wing: 

-Safety, in the event of an engine out a fixed wing needs an extended area to land, however the Autogyro can be landed in as little at 30';
-AutoGyro's are incapable of going into a stall and/or Spin;
-Autogyros can operate safely and easily in high crosswinds, when a lot of general aviation fixed wings are grounded due to high winds, the Autogyro is in its element, actually loves the wind;
-Comfort, due to the high wing loading of a gyro it is much more stable in turbulent air, making for a much smoother ride;

Need to address the misconceptions about the new generation of this type of aircraft. 

Gyro's in the past have had a bad reputation as far as safety is concerned.  Those previous problems along with the changes in the new generation are outlined below:
PPO, pilot pushover and/or PIO, pilot induces oscillation:  These problems were mainly by design flaws, the lack of a horizontal stabilizer and the high center of thrust.  The new generation gyro has a very effective horizontal stabilizer and a lower center of thrust, together which has virtually eliminated PPO and/or PIO
Rotor unloading:  The old gyro's had very light rotors which was required insofar as the pilot would have to stand on his seat and physically start the rotors turning by hand.  The lack of weight in the rotors, and lack of centrifugal force, would allow the rotors to unload (slow down) under certain circumstances resulting in a dangerous and possibly unrecoverable situation.  The new generation has a mechanical prerotator that allows much heavier rotor blades to be used which are much more difficult to unload.
Lack of Training:  Until recently most gyros were built in someone's garage using plans found in popular mechanics.  After building them, without any professional inspection, they would teach themselves to fly either from a book, or listening to advise from friends.  Today's generation are still in kit form but some companies, such as AutoGyro, have professional building assistance available, and also have highly trained, FAA certified certified flight instructors (CFI) to take you from a position of no flight exp, to obtaining your license.



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