Sports Pilot and Beyond



Cost of Sport Pilot License

1)15 hrs of Ground Instruction @ $55.00 an hr $825.00
2)15 hrs of Flight Instruction w/plane $2625.00
3)5 hrs of Solo @ $120.00 an hr $600.00
4)FAA Written Exam $160.00
5)FAA Check Ride $500.00
6)Study Kit $250.00
( As Little as $125.00 a month. Bank Financing Available )

Plane Rental Available @ $120.00 hr. wet

 Rusty Pilot Seminar 4 days - 2 hours ea. day $250.00
 (Minimum of 4 Students) Call for more detail  
 WE have DPE's and Testing Facilities on site  
 "Call Stephen for more info:  
 Phone# 225.503.5168  
 * This price assumes you can complete all FAA requirements in this time frame.  
 Your training may require more hours and the price would increase as per the rates stated above.  

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